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UV curable coating

The first patent for UV-curable coatings was born in 1947. After more than half a century of development, UV-curable coatings have become more mature technologies. Especially with the improvement of people's environmental awareness, production and researchers pay more attention to the development and application of UV-curable coatings.

UV-curing coating is a green environmentally-friendly coating that fully complies with the “4E” principle. The general UV curing energy consumption is 1/5 of thermal curing, and the UV-curing coating contains less volatile components and less pollution. The most attractive for researchers and developers is that UV-curable coatings can reduce raw material consumption and help reduce economic costs.

Our company-Nanjing Benze Chemical Industrial Co.Ltd has been committed to the research and production of UV curing monomers. Our company can provide products according to customers' requirements to meet the needs of customers. You are welcome to contact us if you need it.